centre-of-excellence-sheer-delightCentre of Excellence

To become a Centre of Excellence, all the staff at Sheer Delight attended an intensive two-day training programme in Austria and Germany, hosted by lingerie manufacturer Anita Care Lingerie. Follow up seminars will continue into the future. This training is specific to care lingerie - lingerie for women following breast cancer or breast surgery. The training also included breast prostheses and breast forms.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can have confidence in the level of service and product knowledge from all the staff at Sheer Delight. In fact we can go one step further than that; a member of our staff has had breast cancer, a mastectomy and reconstruction.

We recommend that you are professionally fitted for a pocketed bra before any surgery. This is extremely important. Why? After your surgery and you are preparing to come home, your Breast Care Nurse will fit you with a temporary prosthesis (a softie). It is important to look your best to help you feel your best. If you have the right bra the nurse will fit you with the right softie, but if not ...

Several weeks later when you are being fitted for your silicone prosthesis, once again, it will be easier for the nurse to fit the right shape and size prosthesis if you have the correct bra.