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FACT: Sports bras were invented in 1977 by two women wanting a jogging bra, by sewing two jockstraps together.

FACT: Breasts are mostly fatty tissue supported by skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers' ligaments - they are not elastic. During exercise the breasts bounce and pull on these ligaments forcing them to stretch and once stretched they will irreversibly change to sagging breasts.

FACT: Running without a bra will cause the breasts to move up and down on average by 8.5 cms. A good everyday bra will reduce this by approximately 32% and a good sports bra by approximately 74%.

FACT: Even if you have an A cup size breast, you should wear a good sports bra during exercise. Surveys suggest that whilst the leisure and sports industry is growing i.e. membership fees, kit, and shoes, up to 75% of women do not have the right bra for excerise and sport.

A sports bra is an essential item for your active life and should be treated with as much importance, if not more, as the kit and shoes. We will ensure that you have a perfectly fitting sports bra for your sport or activity.

"I've got a stomach as well as a behind. And I mean - well you can't pull it in both ways can you? I've made it a rule to pull in my stomach and let my behind look after itself." Agatha Christie