Delight in ... motherhood

Congratulations, you’re pregnant. You're excited and nervous all at the same time and your body, particularly your boobs, is changing into something you’re not familiar with. You’ve read every book and magazine, and family and friends are giving all sorts of advice – so you’re confused or not very clear in your mind about what to do. The first thing you will notice is the change in your breasts. Within the first three months you should be professional fitted for a bra that will grow with you during your pregnancy.

Have the fitting checked regularly. A couple of weeks before your baby is due you will need to be fitted for a feeding bra if you are planning to nurse your baby. Once baby is born and you are happy with feeding, come back for another fitting for any more feeding bras you will need. Remember, we are always happy to check the fit of your bra as many times as you need.

"There's no such thing as a plain woman. Everyone has attractive points, so my advice is to accentuate your best assets." Dita Von Teese

We have one brand for maternity wear:

  • HOTmilk offers gorgeous lingerie to enhance your femininity and sensuality. Cups to size H.