Delight in ... getting married

This is your special day and everything to do with the wedding must be special too. Don’t make any compromises when it comes to your lingerie and do make sure you have it with you for the final fitting of your gown. Your dress is the most important garment on the day – so your lingerie must NOT show at all.

This may mean that the best bra for you and your dress may be a plain nude colour and, if this is so, make sure it is the most comfortable and best fitting bra you can afford.

"Shoes are more important than suits and dresses. Buy one pair of good shoes instead of three pair of bad quality." Marlene Dietrich

Quick tips:

  • These days, most wedding gowns are strapless but if you’re fuller busted or heavy busted, we would advise buying your lingerie before looking for a gown.
  • If you have a petite bust and want to have a fuller look, choosing a gown with shoulder straps will make it easier for you to wear a padded bra. There is nothing worse than a bride in a tearful panic because she’s got the dress but cannot find a bra or basque to fit with the dress!
  • We would advise that wearing hosiery is a MUST, both for the bride and female guests. This will be self-evident when you look at your wedding day photographs.