Delight in ...

delight in...

... being a real woman

For almost 16 years, Sheer Delight has been providing the right lingerie and swimwear and a professional fitting service for you to meet your specific needs and wishes. Most of our customers are women with a larger bosom who need a bra that will provide the right level of support, comfort and glamour. We provide lingerie for you that is fitted for you. This includes lingerie that has been designed specifically for those other occasions in a woman's life.

We take particular care and attention with our customers who have had breast surgery. Ladies can make an appointment to have their fitting done by our member of staff who has had breast cancer herself. Sheer Delight is an Anita Lingerie Centre of Excellence.

We love dealing with customers who have a special occasion, be it being a bride; the mother of the bride or groom; having a baby; a trip to Ascot; going on holiday or being fitted for your very first bra. We have many years experience and have many hints and tips for all sorts of occasions. If you need lingerie for a particular outfit then it would be wise to bring that along with you for a Lingerie Styling session.

Sheer Delight was opened in Godalming, Surrey by proprietor Julie Drummond in 2002. Her vision was to provide a friendly and professional service, with the lingerie and swimwear to match, to customers from all over the South of England. The shop has two spacious fitting rooms and a "Beach Lounge" upstairs for swimwear and beachwear. We stock lingerie, swimwear and hosiery from around the world that has been selected to meet our customers' needs and represents the very best in terms of design, function, fit and comfort. Many of our customers are loyal to one particular brand, and may never have found it stocked in the UK before, or outside of London. We look forward to helping you delight in being a real woman.

Lingerie For You

At Sheer Delight, we are pleased to be able to offer you some of the most beautiful ranges of lingerie available in Europe. We can't show you everything on offer here, but browse through the different designers to get a feel for individual styles.

Fitted For You

It is a well known fact that almost nine out of ten ladies wear the wrong sized bra. This can make such a difference to the way you look in your clothes and to your overall figure, and we believe it is essential that you are properly fitted.